We love people.
We love nature.
We love what we do.

Our family project begins in 2016 by buying a traditional 1939 house to restore and transform it into a Boutique Hotel. With a simple and clean design and the reuse of noble woods from the same house we seek the perfect balance between the traditional and the contemporary. Located in a pedestrian passage two minutes walk from the city center, our hotel has 10 private rooms, a cafe with homemade products and a meeting room.

We follow the principles of a Regenerative Tourism always working oriented to nature and heritage respect and those who visit us can see the Chilean Lake District, Puerto Varas history and its wonderful natural sorroundings through our local eyes.

Café Endémico

Our cafeteria, run by Chef Gonzalo Costa, offers its own products based on fresh and local products and ingredients. We also have catering service and private dinners for guests and the general public. We adjust to all food needs and requirements, always taking care of the quality of our products, as well as the positive impact we can generate in our region through fair trade with local suppliers.

Sala Gris

We have a perfectly equipped meeting room with a maximum capacity of 12 people, which can be used half a day or full day for meetings and workshops. The room is connected to our private dining room where we offer catering, lunch and dinner by Café Endemic. Ask about preferential rates for groups and companies and our All Inclusive program for guests.

Desayuno natural

Because it is the most important food of the day, we offer a buffet breakfast of fresh products with coffee beans, fruits, cereals, dairy products, cured meat and homemade cakes, as well as eggs prepared at the moment and personalized attention attending to the special requirements of each One of our guests, to whom we request that you inform us of all the food restrictions prior to check in to be able to deliver a high standard service.


Pasaje Ricke 108
Puerto Varas